"Beauty will save the world" (Fëdor Dostoevskij)

The idea of Beauty is to be considered as a fundamental concept of our culture, such as the Truth and the Good.

Understanding what Beauty means is understanding what the models of knowing and acting are.

Beauty is a planning, visionary, non regressive, non nihilist force.

Beauty means recognizing the meaning of things, the identity of our relationships.

When you see, you also understand the history and the culture of a place, of a town, of a village, and you understand it also through art: this is the meaning of Beauty, a continuous wondering about the function of things, that is why art has the ability to transmit them through the immortal Beauty.

Aesthetic education, which is the inclination for beauty, allows us to challenge bad taste not only in images, but also in language and maybe also even in our soul.

Through observing, analyzing, thinking, reflection, sensibility, and thanks to our privilege of living in Italy, cradle of Beauty, we can get the secrets of beautiful things.

As Dostoevskij said, Beauty will save the world (which is now dramatically flattened), because in itself it has this great potential.

May the Beauty always shine in our eyes and in our hearts, this is our wish.

We will do all what we can to offer it to you.

Francesco Lopergolo